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: Russell-Jay: Gould.

: Russell-Jay: Gould.

As Featured in PIERCING DYNASTY,  Last-Flag-Standing & WAR-CASTLES [].



 [ The world has been under a spell, a word spell.

In fact, entire civilizations have been controlled with the use of GRAMMAR.

For centuries, an elite cabal and its well-oiled control machine have perpetuated a language war upon the citizens of this planet. 

Its goal?

To move “or ship” the people around the world using a complex postal network of contracts and shipping documents. 

Think about how birth certificates, driver’s licenses and passports work. 

A baby gets a birth certificate and number assigned to it at birth in a hospital which then gets filed in at the recorders office. 

A soldier goes to the post office to register into a government’s military, just like a civilian goes into the post office to apply for their passport.

Citizens worldwide, are granted access in an out of office buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, military bases and more using these document contracts.

So then, how is the entire world controlled by grammar?

Written languages from the countries around the planet share an interesting characteristic; they do not convey any facts. 

They do not convey facts because they are written grammatically, incorrect. 

As a result of being grammatically incorrect they are contractually imperfect and unenforceable.

Let’s dive deeper.

The word inaudible means not able to hear, right? 

We are also told that intelligent means smart. 

But look in the dictionary, the prefix IN means no, which creates a negative condition. 

So, why then are we supposed to believe that intelligent means smart, when it CLEARLI it spells NOT SMART.

The grammar rule is clear: Words written in a negative condition, are negative in meaning. 

So why then is the entire world, ignoring this?

Do teachers, professors, linguists, nobel peace prize winners just have amnesia? OR ARE THEY ALSO UNDER THE WORD SPELL?  

If cultures around the planet make cannot concur on grammatical language rules, then how can we communicate? 

This especially matters when it comes time to enforce these grammar rules. 

For example, as a contract in a court of law. 

What happens when the words that make up our contracts don’t state what we mean?

What happens when mutually agreed upon contracts can be open to subjective interpretation as opposed to being viewed as grammatical facts that state our needs. 

Surely chaos would ensue. 

And it has. 

In today’s world, they have made a point of fighting over definitions and meanings, creating polarization between political parties, patriots and their enemies.

Elite circles have kept the grammar spell circulating for who knows how long; 

Training governments and their officials, 

Keeping judges and lawyers tied to oaths and contracting restrictions,

Always giving certain privileged a way out as needed… 

But there is good news.

Over 25 years ago, one man recognized this word fraud upon the people.

One man recognized a fictitious elite struggling to communicate, floundering money, continuing wars, purposefully creating hate speech and dividing the people.


He went toe to toe with its proponents.

His name is:]
: Russell-Jay: Gould.

[ While many mocked this man or turned a blind eye: Russell-Jay: Gould took on the largest elite group of men guilty of committing the world’s largest scam against we the people.

He went toe to toe with them, beating them in their courtrooms and on contract.

He met with global bankers and disqualified them based on their inability to convey any facts in any of their charters.

He figured out a global postal war and how to end it forever- that not even they knew how to stop.

He took down the evil cabal’s authorization to exist IN THE HERE AND NOW and put forth a Quantum language based on facts.

All people have the right to learn to communicate and contract fairly.

Chief’s Quantum Grammar and Banking construct is a technology that shifts our paradigm as we know it. 

It puts an end to scarcity and hunger, or the need for nonsensical wars.

It rids us of excessive taxation and unenforceable laws and legislation to control the people and make money. 

So, why is it that some of us are only just hearing about this now? 

Quite frankly its because many are simply, still under the spell…


If you are interested in helping to expose this fraud and would like to set up an interview on your channel, station or podcast please email: media[at] ]

In his documentary film, Last Flag Standing: Russell-Jay: Gould,
[ brings closure to the 2000 Florida Chads which marked theend of the United States of America Corporation, as a result of the 3rd & Final US Bankruptcy of 1999 where Gould figured out the secret to legally capturing America based on the very postal codes and flag mechanics they had been running on. For two decades, : Russell-Jay: Gould. has been using these universally recognized flag laws, plus his secret weapon, a mathematical language (Quantum Grammar) to disqualify the constructs of hundreds of corrupt governments & global organizations to steer them away from using their powers unjustly against the people. Despite having the tools, the bad guys choose to carry on as per usual, most recently by creating one of the largest fraudulent global pandemics in history. This movie connects the dots on fraudulent wars, governments, and organizations running on fraudulent grammar,  as well as other atrocities that have occurred on our planet. It brings forward : Russell-Jay: Gould. as our steward away fromthe nonsense of the fiction and their fictitious grammar wars, and into TRUTH, CORRECTNESS, HONOR & DIGNITY by cleaning up language on contract, and freeing citizens from the slave-usuries. ]

: Current-Positions of The Chief: 











41 thoughts on “: Russell-Jay: Gould.”

  1. Love2ClearClouds (my chosen Cherokee name)

    Hi Russell, I’ve been on board with everything… a few things of concern….

    Trump is pushing 5G. And he keeps talking about a vaccine by end of the year. I have repeatedly asked him to tell everyone to stop wearing masks because I’ve read the actual science and know that masks cause more harm than good.

    I was thinking you’re working with Trump till what you said about 5G and vaccines. So you are not working with him?

    Edward Snowden has been warning about a social credit digitized monetary system that he says “they” are working to create. After watching your Last Flag Standing video, it sounds like your quantum system is what he has been concerned about…that it is part of the NWO. Comment?

    I’ve also seen photos of the new currency that is supposed to be released by 2024. Is paper money part of your quantum system?

    Religion…I want to hear more details about what you’re planning to do. I have a feeling it will spark a great deal of resistance in the majority of the christian population.

    In fact, I sense a great deal of resistance coming to all this. The older generation especially. Are they truly expected to re-learn grammar and syntax at an advanced age? I’m closing in on 60 my self and I look at your “correct” syntax and grammar and I am entirely overwhelmed. I do not want to go back to school.

    I just want to live out my remaining years in peace and simplicity but re-learning how to communicate in writing this way feels too complicated and requires too much energy in addition to everything else going on in our lives. I just want to continue taking care of my family, my home, my kitty fostering, gardening and just live a happy life.

    Are you working with or separate from Trump? Do you have separate agendas?

    Is the truth about religion going to finally be revealed? That “Jesus” is the personification of the SUN, and the entire allegorical, symbolic mythology that is the basis of religions, originated in Astrotheology?

    Is your quantum system a social credit system?

    What about people that have already been wrongly dragged through the courts. Will they get a second chance? Have their records cleared and get a reset?

    Do you have docs available that provides an outline and details?

    When is this new system supposed to manifest on our dimensional plane?

  2. Love2ClearClouds (my chosen Cherokee name)

    Trump just named Wilmington, NC, as a WW2 “heritage city”. This sounds like the UN’s Agenda 2021…Agenda 2030…Sustainable Growth…Sustainable Development.

    Any thoughts?


  4. Hi! Thank you for saving the world.
    You are a very intelligent man and your utube video was amazing! Woe!
    The banking system is so ? evil.
    I am glad someone has it under control.
    I have sent 2 emails tonight to your banking email. And this is the place I needed to send it! Lol.
    I would like to know more about what you do.
    Are you going to have any seminars? I will patiently wait for more videos! What you have done is just well amazing!!!!
    I look forward to meeting you one day.
    I hope.
    Thank you again.

  5. Dear Mr. Gould,
    With this upcoming election coming up, as Post Master General, how can you assure us that the vote in ballots with not compromise the election?
    What will happen if the election is contested?
    Will you implement the Quantum Financial Reset?
    Thank you,
    Lynn Cousins

  6. My husband has talked about this and i understand, i think, but dang if it does not seem over my does a laymen like myself really wrap their head around this and get ready for it and really know when and what is happening? It’s a lot to take in, to understand and learn…how do you suggest one starts their journey without getting themselves into trouble but actually stats to move themselves out of slavery

  7. It is obvious that Russel is Separate from Trump ! In interviews Russel has made statements like ,not sure if Trump will implement gold standard and such ! Now as far as Trump ,you just have to go will the Bluffing He does ,Bait and switch all the time ! Think about it He knows what is going on !!! So he may say one thing and this is always countered with something else ! Just pay close attention to the change up or add on. Like we have natural remedies that i Referrer ! Wait for it as it will always be there ! LOL

  8. Great Comment.
    I completely agree with a lot of what you wrote.
    Thank you for sharing your views. It’s a big subject and a lot to grasp.

  9. For-the-chief- :Russell-Jay: Gould,

    With love and Honor,
    [in] spire, with hope, with trust.
    : With thanks giving.

    :Scott-Tyler: Fredell.

    PS: My grammar may be way off, I’m very novice. I’m an artist-poet, I’d be glad to make any kind of art or designs you may need (maybe stamp designs?) my skills can be seen here: To me, your the true champion, to bring you forward, Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

  10. Thank you :Russell. for all you do for the people. I would like to capture my license and passport, how can I do the process? Can you direct me towards the paperwork and service you provide to complete this process? Thank You in advance :Frankie.

  11. En qué forma nos beneficiará a los latinoamericanos está captura de la gramática cuántica?

    Debo hacer la reclamación como ser vivo nacido vivo?

  12. :Angel-Luis: Acevedo.

    For the chance with a peace-treaty with the galactic-federation from the outer-space is with the contacting: Billy- Edward-Albert: Meier=BEAM.

    There so much spiritual-teaching he has created for us not only on earth but for our whole universe it’s so crazy that some human races from outer space come to earth for lesson from him I study his work for about ten years the reason I bring him up is because of his work I was able to see your work that I follow and study you giving the world a beautiful gift and hes give us another beautiful gift would be a chance of a life time if we could have help from the galactic-federation but if it dont work out now it’s ok far off into the future we will have a peace-treaty with them just bring neutral and peaceful knowledge to the table I’ll post a link to the site that has info that was talked about it before it happened one correction was the mathematical pie=3.14 the correct mathematical pie is 3.16 just one of thousands of correction for each and everyone of us to learn and thanks a thousand times

  13. You are an amazing man! In my heart I have known this deception has been occurring for my entire lifetime. I am ready, willing and able to know do what is right and just for me and also for the people.

  14. Mr. Russell-Jay Gould,
    Thank you!!!!! I believe with my entire soul that it’s impossible to even describe what you have accomplished. Quite frankly, there simply are no words that would adequately convey the indebtedness every American has to you as a result of your accomplishments. A true Patriot you are without a doubt. Our Liberty, our Freedom and our beautiful American Flag are the medals exclusively you should wear proudly.

    Let me try to put it in a perspective with hopes that others might be able to grasp this… ok, let’s envision Mr. Russell-Jay Gould eating an entire mammoth, by himself, in one bite. But he only ate this giant creature after slaying it with both arms tied behind his back and the only weapon to defeat it was his brain & almighty G-d above. Next, he butchered that gargantuan creature with a dull butter knife (still with his hands tied behind his back) and then he cooked that tasty mammoth on a camp fire he constructed himself only by rubbing two damp sticks together in the middle of a gail storm. But wait—- after this remarkable feat he proceeded to kill a second mammoth, one that was big enough for every modern day American to feast on and continue to feast for the rest of their natural lives. Mr. Gould did this for no reason other than he knew we would all starve to death if he didn’t. Instead we feasted on that 2nd tasty mammoth until our bellies were full. Maybe that begins to sum it up. Maybe!

    Thank you. Thank you
    Thank you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I will pray every day until I die that you are blessed infinitely for this selfless and unfathomable success. I am certain that soon enough your truimphs will be recognized by the masses. I am also certain that our grandchildren will regard what you’ve done for America as being the single thread that sowed the Great American Awakening quilt back together again. May our flag fly high above our great nation in your honor forever.

    Thankful and truly indebted to you,
    Mrs. Stacie Upchurch
    Locust Grove, GA
    A Proud American who gets it

    Thank you!!!!!

  15. : Russel-Jay:Gould.
    I watched your video with great interest. However, I have been unable to uncover the UN documentation you spoke of in the video. Could you please send me, or point me to where this documentation can be found. Also, in doing my due diligence, I find myself in need of a copy of the (new) Constitution and Bill of Rights that were filed at that time.
    Thank you,

  16. I have tears in my eyes and chills down my entire body. The idea that words are power has always resonated with me. In today’s world my subconscious is repeating the question— what side of history do you want to be on?
    This is the side.
    Thank you.

  17. Hi Russel just discovered the truth, thankyou for saving the planet and the people on it, im sure everything is going to come out just the way you and David intended.

    God Bless you both

    all the very best

    Christopher Adam

  18. :Denis-Peter: house of Rawlinson

    I was introduced to the Claim of life, and Quantum grammar, not so long ago, and came across a group here in Australia, known as the Purple Thumb Community, run by a lady Crown, who stated she knew you well Russell, and offered live life claims and teaching in the Quantum Grammar, but first I had to make a donation, for the live life claim, which I did, but I was scammed, she took my money and supplied inferior PDF documents which could not be used as originals having cut and paste signatures of three witness, and faded thumb prints.
    All of which I have as evidence, of being scammed, I had also paid for a sea pass, that was never sent, she has left a bad taste regarding live life claims, and is doing damage to your name, stating you has your complete permission to do what she does.
    So how can I believe this is honourable for the people? When you get scammed by sharks, under your blessing.

  19. Hi Russell
    Thank you for what you have done in the past. I have some questions. Why haven’t these bad actors been arrested? Why is there no plan? Do you have any authority to arrest these people such as Biden, Gates, Clintons, and Obama? They have committed horrific crimes against humanity yet they are still walking around. If you are commander and chief why have you not commanded the military to make arrests publicly? Because this country is still dealing with these criminals and nothing has happened it is hard for me and many others to follow someone who is making claims of conducting justice for the people without evidence. What happens if I make a claim to life? What then? How do I know I am not just giving you money so that you can hold on to an illusion as commander and chief?

    I apologize for my rant but I am looking for answers and you are the one claiming to be in charge.

    I want to help and in fact I had thought about becoming governor of Kansas but now I am wondering where to go from here. What can I do?



  20. I thank God for you Commander and Chief!! I have researched this for quite some time and tried to precede in becoming sovereign, to no advail. The documents I have tried getting to accomplishes this was quite difficult, so just knowing that that the ginus who’ve made this possible is in my corner so I may help others as well.

  21. Great stuff! Love the truth, all of it – manifestation, meditation and the result of that Russell so well portrays in his most helpful videos.
    I have a link to and did a mostly word for word transcript (I say mostly, because I replaced the I (because it isn’t my video) with the name Russel), which was helpful for me and maybe for others. I won’t upload it without your permission. Thanks for all the effort over the years to straiten the mess out. I’ll soon be able to get the claim of life. Lots of love.

  22. You are awesome! Thanks for having the heart, guts and brain to do what matters! I tank you from the bottom of my heart!

  23. I see lots of posts but never any replies, so I thought I’d try to reply and see what happens. I’ve know a little about this but what good is knowing if you don’t know how to remove yourself from the corrupt/fraud? Also, we still have to live here so how do we get around being robbed and abused by the de facto system that is currently running the show?

  24. Hello, first off I want to thank you for all that you have been and have done for us. I’m doing my best to learn all I can about this and find out my next steps. However, I have several questions before going through with the “Claim for the life”. Where can I get specific questions answered? I’ve emailed some of the people that you seem to be working with and I’m not getting anywhere. Can you please help. Thank you! Mark

  25. I need an EDUCATION!!!! for lack of a better word. 61 female, stuck in low income situation, So many questions, How do I apply this in my everyday life in this corp city of jackson, Michigan? My goal is totally recognized freedom, and large land acquisition, to preserve our land, and help others learn to do the same. I am so proud of you. This is beyond Huge! I am champing at the bit, omg, How do I start???

  26. I love your name, I respect your heritage. No disrespect but I disagree with you not wanting to learn more at 60 years young, I am 73 years young and I will learn it. I wish you well

  27. Greetings to the man Russell Jay Gould:
    if I may I would like to start out by saying thank you for your body of work that you have done and all that your still doing, I don’t believe in coincidence so I know it was a Devine will that I embark upon works at this moment on my journey and my quest in life seeking the right knowledge and wisdom so I can have full clarity of our purpose here on Mother Earth I,
    Simon here reaching out to you with respect in seeking truth and rights to all Humanity sovereignty,for I always knew I am and the important of knowing thy self as a spiritual being/sovereign being and now more than ever I am on a mission to reclaim that birth right not just for my self but for all Humanity and with your Help I know it is possible!!! I am greatly thankful simon m

  28. (Peter, go to Here you will find documents, support from authorized C.S.S.C.P.S.G. Flag citizens. I have my claim of Live-Life and I have succeeded with a few mailings. I am learning on my own because many do not see the validity or technological leap that this concept and its ideas brings forward. Now it is up to us as people to become citizens under the correct flag and its contracts to continue being the light, loving and beneficial species we know that we are. We need to gain the critical mass or density of knowledge to call this performer forward for us the people. The complete bonus, promise and blessing of this technology of what :Russell-Jay: completed is that is sets us up in the right venue. By being in the correct venue we will no longer be in a simulation and everything will begin to change for us. The attrition of the facts propels with reality forward and we can help by gaining the knowledge of syntax and correct english writing. Remember, this technology is only required because those whom do know of it and are currently in the fiction power want to remain in their power and this technology destroys that gig. The more people become citizens, the more people learn syntax and correct contract language for the benefit of us people the better everyone’s lives will become for those whom are hard workers, good performers and whom have the beneficial volition for each citizen. Cheers.)
    :Alexander-Boyd: Brown

  29. So basically without JRG’s signature every president was illegitimate since 1999! And no one can be president! I love it why have a president!? Every state should have their representatives voted in by the people for the people!

    Thank you JRG

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