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[ All courtrooms worldwide are foreign vessels in drydock.

When you walk into that courthouse you’ve left your country or standing under your contract.

Did you know Under Title 46, Chapter781, those with birth certificates are derelict vessels in dry-dock?

Under maritime law, these derelict vessels can be harvested quite easily because they lack knowledge, and of how to protect themselves.

The Judge assumes you lack the knowledge to show otherwise.

Through your inaction, you’re agreeing to be a derelict vessel.

When you represent yourself in a court, for example, he confirms you lack knowledge by what you are not saying.

The papers you give a judge are written in adverb-verb, which says nothing, so he then also confirms you lack knowledge.

To him, you are a derelict vessel that needs to be taken care of.

And so the judge has to make a determination about your volition, to come into this courtroom, to board THEIR vessel in drydock.

Foreign Vessels in Dry Dock & Contract

All courtrooms world-wide are foreign vessels in drydock.

When you walk into that courthouse you’ve left your country or standing under your contract.

On 25 July 1999, Russell-Jay Gould and David-Winn: Miller go to the United Nations to gain copyright control and sue the USA govt for its own Title 4 1 – 1.9 dimension flag, since USA govt. defaulted on their contract.

That flag is now called the Correct-Sentence_Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Flag.

The flag now represents a condition of state on contract.

The words on the paper are the terms of the closed area, called COURT.

When two or more people sign a document, on a closed area, in a court, it’s called a contract.

A synonym of contract is CONSTITUTION.

Contract = Constitution

UN= No
ITE = Citizen
ED = In past time

Because the birth certificate system ended at this same time in 1999, the country no longer exists as it did, it has no constitution anymore either. It all ended.

There is a constitution written in Quantum Grammar for the people it is not available yet, however.

There are no citizens of America either since America as we know ended.

When you enter a foreign vessel in dry-dock, you are no longer on planet earth. You are on a piece of paper, as a person (Corporation). Now you are a corporate entity. When you are a corporate entity, you are identified as a Nom De Guerre, a dead entity. Because you are no longer living.

Does too plus 2 equal FORE?

Does two plus to equal four?

In other words, you have to put things on paper. Your volition of what you think is not actually what you heard.

So when you write it on paper it now becomes a contract.

Autographing and Authenticating Contracts

When you put your signature, on an adverb-verb document, that’s a simulation, it says nothing.

You are making an argument on a piece of paper, so we call you a Nom de Guerre, (DEAD ENTITY) on a piece of paper, derelict vessel. Imagine a ship at sea with no flag, no name, no people on it.

Since Quantum language has jurisdiction over all countries, all languages, all religions, all political organizations globally, it’s important to learn this technology so you don’t stay a derelict vessel, and don’t get harvested or trapped by the Fiction Rogue Governments.

Learn more of how to help yourself with a Claim of the Life: ]