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[ Imagine that you wake up, your mind starts flowing, and then you realize you have been on autopilot for a while.
You had an intense dream that your life is a story in a book you are creating daily.
Each choice you made in your mind created relationships & characters that came into this story. Some stories are old & some are new.
You created stories with your doubts & fears. These stories created problems for you to solve and internal peace to find.
So now you wake up in the dream realizing that you aren’t the creator of the book, but the character & author of the chapters.
You have been the author of your story that you have been living.
Your peace is what you create daily, your time is now, and you can’t hide in the future or past.
You are infinite and your connection to the world is what terms you make it.
Your book is your story and you now can change that story.
You spell the words and create the copy. You experience your truth and help that truth come out in others.
Your dream shows you that your life that was once unconsciously dead, is now living.
Your conscious mind is in control and your thoughts are things.
You can choose happiness and new positive outcomes that manifest now in each day.
You can now write a new chapter consciously.
You can now write a new world and experience a new sense of life.
You find peace unlike any other time in your life, because Now is the peace and Now is the time.
The dream is always now and the world is flowing within you.
You are the author of your own world.
That world is yours and yours alone to journey.
You are the master of your ship and the vessel that rides the sea of your conscious awareness.
You carry the Gold Heart of your soul and cargo treasures that build a journey no one else can travel but you. ]
~0 For the Imagining of the Waking State IS with the Mind-Flowing-Realization of the Autopilot with the Strong-Dream of the Story-Book with the Creation-Daili By the Dreamer.
~1 For the Choice of the Mind-Characters IS with the Old & New of the Doubts & Fears with the Peace by the Story-Teller.
~2 For the Creator of their Life IS with the writing of their Characters & Stories with the Chapters by the Story-Teller-Author.
~3 For the Living-Author of your Story IS with the Peace of the Now-Time-Daili-Creation with the Past & Future-Showing by the You.
~4 For the Connection of the World IS with the Terms by your Creation.
~5 For the Book of your Story IS with the Spelling of the Words & Truth & Copy with the writing by your Volition.
~6 For the Waking-State of your Dream IS with the Living of the Thought-Things & Positive-Manifestations with each Conscious-Day-Creation by your Now-Peace-Time-Author.

~7 For the Journey of your World IS with the Author & Master of your World with the Journey by the Gold-Heart-Treasure-You.



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