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[ Fiction Samples vs True Fact writing. ]

[ On the bottom of the lawsuit your lawyer has you sign, it says something to this effect:  You acknowledge and agree to the terms of this contract.

Yet, let’s take a look at the language your lawyer is deceptively using to get you to concur with a negative contract that says nothing and does nothing and is full of contradicting verbiage, right in front of your face.

First, your lawyer is loving for you to sign off on a contract that says nothing.

Let’s look at the words: Acknowledge and Agree. According to Noah’s dictionary of 1828, the prefixes A, when followed by two consonants, creates a negative condition.

Ac-know-ledge = No-know-ledge.
A-gree = No-Gree = No-Skill.
Therefore you’ll have no knowledge of what you are signing or what his contract is saying.
Worst of all, your lawyer is likely loving it when you provide your old strawman signature which shows your lack of knowledge. Plus, a cursive signature is as is root suggests, a CURSE.
Now, Let’s take a look at and break down the word “signature”:
Sig-Nature = Sign-Nature = Rescript-Nature = No-Script-Nature = Simulation of an Autograph.
In contrast let’s break down a positive contract word: Autograph:
Auto-Graph = Self-Graph = Self-Write.
Au-to-Graph = Gold-to-Graph = Gold-to-Write.
Your lawyer and the courts love that you are “signing” a piece of paper that is meaningless and that you have no knowledge or contract writing skills, and that you’re adding fuel to the fire when you scribble it into existence with a cursive-signature = curse. 
Now, if I I give you a Compass and said let’s go No-North Yesterday and Tomorrow.  Would that confuse you?  What Direction are we going?

This is a perfect example of how they write words with prefixes and suffixes in legal terms, contracts, and sentences.

Ultimately, this type of behavior and actions are what we call Fiction, Fake, or Fraudulent.

True Fact or Fiction Negative Conditions?

Most folks don’t know the difference between a Positive Condition of State and a Negative Condition of State, let alone how to write their own contracts.
1) All contracts are written in fiction because of their fraudulent grammar.
2) There are NO Now-Time Facts in the contracts of the courts because the language is deceptive, fictional, and laden with no/negative contract words that void contracts.
3) Fictional Contracts are written in the Past or the Future or with words that have NO as their prefixes or suffixes.

True Fact = Fiction does not exist.

Is Government fiction?  It exists but is based on a Society of people without the knowledge.  They use fraudulent grammar & words in their laws & legislation. Most governments write in fiction and use trickery of language to harvest you and keep their agenda going.
Govern-Ment= Control-Ment= Control-Your Mind.
Ex-Ist = No-Ist = No-IS = No-Now-Time.
  • The Bankruptcy in the United States ended in the year 1999.  Russell and his Partner beat their bankruptcy as Living Claimants.
  • He showed that he is Living and Claimed the Title 4 Flag.  He went as far as to Copyright the Flag with the correct Parse-Syntax-Grammar.
  • He then created the ‘Unity-States of our World’ Country/Corporation in 2001.  This is a claim on the courthouses of the whole world as his country.
  • On October 4 2004 the judicial system got shut down by Chief Russell with his claims.
  • Most of the world was getting out of Bankruptcy by this time and he controlled the courts as his country.
  • This started the 12th December 2004 martial law worldwide because the governments did not want to move from the Fiction to the Factual Quantum Language.
  • Canada Bankruptcy ended on 2017 and Australia on 2019 with Claimants on those flags and Countries.
  • You will see Martial Law in all the countries in the world with symbols such as the Spike on top of a Flag.
The governments of the world did not want to tell the truth, give up their fake power, and begin to use the Quantum Grammar.
Basically, they didn’t want to give the Sovereign-Nativity-Power to the people!  They want to stay fake, point their guns at the people, and harvest their Money-Equity in courts with their lack of knowledge.
Remember that the United States is in the Past-Time and the rest of the Governments are of the Fiction one way or the other.
They want to harvest you by you confessing to ignorance and then they have you walk into their slaughter.
The courts are closed, be careful. ]
~0 For the True-Fact-Closure of the Courts-Close IS with the Knowledge by the People.
~1 For the Lawsuits of the Courts IS with the Fake-Fiction-Writing-Claims by the Governments.
~2: [Ac]Know-Ledge= For the Lack of the Know-Ledge.
~3: [A]Gree = For the Lack of the Gree = For the Lack of the Skill.
~4 For the Fraud of the Signature IS with the Curse & Simulation of an Autograph.
~5: Auto-Graph = For the Self-Graph= For the Self-Write.
~6: Au-To-Graph = Gold-To-Graph = Gold-To-Write.
~7: Contracts of the Lack-Knowledge-Writing-Curse IS with the Fiction-Fake-Fraud by the Lack-Wisdom-Claim-People.
~8: Courts of the Docks ARE with the Lack of the Now-Time-Facts by the [Suf]Fixes & [Pre]Fixes of the Word-Claims.
~9: Lack of the Fact IS with the Fiction-Writing of the Government-Harvesting.
~10: Govern-Ment = For the Control-Ment= For the Control-Mind.
~11: [Ex]Ist = For the Lack-Ist= For the Lack-IS = For the Lack-Now-Time.
~12: Bankruptcy of the Unit[ed]-States-End IS with the Year-Nineteen-Ninty-Nine.
~13: For the Live-Life-Claim of the Title-Four-Flag IS with the Flag-Patent by the Russell’s-Parse-Syntax-Grammar.
~14: Unity-States of our World IS with the Company-Country-Courts-Claim of the Year-Two-Thousand-One by the Russell-Jay: Gould.
~15: Court-Closure of the Russell-Jay: Gould IS with the Fourth of the October-Year-Two-Thousand-Four.
~16: Martial-Law of the World-Wide-Start IS with the Twelfth of the December-Year-Two-Thousand-Four by the Lack of the Government-Quantum-Movement.
~17: Canada-Bankruptcy-Closure & Australia-Bankruptcy-Closure of this World IS with the Two-Thousand-Seventeen & Two-Thousand-Nineteen by the Postmasters.
~18: Nativity of the People IS with the True-Power by the Live-Life-Claims!
~19: Unit[ed]-States of the World IS with the Past-Time by the Grammar-Words.
~20: Knowledge of the Claims IS with the Power by the People!